Video representative art work
On Mountain
Super 8mm film transferred and shown as a digital file.
2m 25s, color, silent

Video representative art work
Lark Or Owl And Oracular
Super 8mm film
7 1/2 minutes, silent
Shown as a screening, ideally projected film, but barring that, as a smaller-scale HD video projection.

Video representative art work
Touching The Floor
Super 8mm film and DV tape transferred to video, shown as a digital file on flatscreen.
3m30s, color, silent
Used as a key component to the installation Blood & Thunder Classics Vol. 2, on a large, low-mounted flatscreen inbetween the gong, shoulder bell, circular gong drawings, and the Big Form. Two short sections: a hand-held shot of a hand reaching out from underneath a sheet to make contact with the floor, followed by a nearly-black space - a washing-away of that image.

Video representative art work
Cemetery Walk
Digital video (dv tape)
47m, silent
A walk through Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond Virginia. Shown as a rear-projection.

Video representative art work
Oh, Spirit!
Digital video (dv tape shown as a DVD on flatscreen)
32m, color, sound
A handmade chandelier, framed in the back, driving from the outskirts of Richmond Virginia at dusk, into the city.

Video representative art work
Guide/Check (Orange Tree)
Digital video file
33s loop, color, silent
A very low-res video shot in 2000 on the outskirts of a hurricane in Florida, and used in an installation in 2008 about archery, wicker, and an eye disorder called nystagmus. Shown on small-screen portable dvd player. Used as a kind of behavioral guide.

Video representative art work
Interlude (study)
Digital video (dv tape shown as DVD on monitor)
13m, silent

I shot this video to be shown on a CRT monitor which was installed deep in the back of a completely dark room with the door able to open only slightly, so you sort of had to peer through the crack to watch it. I've been trying for years to re-shoot this footage with better equipment, ideally on film, or at least higher-quality video. This was shot during a mild windstorm with a one-chip Panasonic DV-tape camera in 2006.
Shown as a loop on a CRT monitor, with some black space between cycles.